It’s flashy shiny and new! It’s the latest lunchbox the Lunchmaster 3000. Olie and Billy are dying to get one. Olie even tries out his best sales pitch on his parents but it’s no use. ‘’Not everything new is as good as you think; sometimes it’s the classics that really leave a lasting impression’’ is Olie told. Still not satisfied and quite envious of Screwy (who has the new lunchbox) he makes the big trade. Now to Olie’s dismay his great new lunchbox eats everything in sight! It’s a good thing dad still has his old lunch box which turns out to be a hit when Olie takes it to school./How can a few triangles circles and squares make a Rocketship? With imagination of course! Billy just got his super 3D “Make-a-Million-Things-in-a-Box” puzzle and Olie’s going to help him build a rocketship. The boys have the instructions and the puzzle pieces but they don’t know where to start so Aunt Polieanna whisks the boys up to Puzzle planet where things are never what they seem. The boys soon find out that with a lil’ figurin’ and lots of imagination building rocketships is a cinch!/On the Goofy Galaxy the goofy stars and planets are having an exciting game of baseball. As one of the planets sends an asteroid careening through the galaxy it hits the Polie Planet forcing it in backwards motion. Now everything on Polie Planet is backwards! The Polies try to make the best of this totally backwards day until Space boy and Space dog come to save the day!