Everyone’s having fun . . . except for Gloomius that is! So what does Gloomius do? He takes the fun! Problem is with all the fun items he’s managed to whisk away from the Polieville kids there’s still no actual fun to be had. Mom shows Gloomius that sharing is the key and playing fair is a sure fire way to fun indeed!/The gang is having a ball on the court! While trying to out do each other with some super fancy moves Olie gets caught up and pops a spring in his arm. Now that Olie’s right arm is in a sling he has a big challenge ahead of him. He has to learn how to do things with his other arm that means eating and writing brushing his teeth and even playing boinky ball!!! He has a pretty rough time at first but with practice and a helping hand from a friend Olie takes on the challenge!/Olie and Billy get to be big bots while their dads are away. Being helpful big-boy bots Olie and Billy do the dishes for Mom. While washing the dishes they notice that Big Wally’s gears are out on whack causing everything around them to either slow down or speed up. So since Dad left them in charge Olie and Billy decide to take matters into their own hands. Through a bit of trial and error they both learn that everybody needs some help sometimes.