Everyone’s favourite square singing sensation Chunk Squarey arrives in Polieville for his sold out concert sporting a new hat and a frown. Olie and Billy soon discover that Chunk’s hat is hiding a big BIMPLE on his forehead. The boys don’t see what the big deal is but they work hard to help Chunk to get rid of the bimple so he won’t cancel the concert. Chunk learns that beauty is only skin deep but music goes right to the soul./Olie forgets to wear his helmet while skateboarding one day and manages to break his antenna! Laid up in bed with his antenna in a cast Olie is overwhelmed by all the attention and sympathy and conveniently neglects to inform his parents that he had broken their rule about not wearing his helmet when the accident occurred. It is only when his little round lie almost results in the dismantling of his favourite skateboard track that he comes clean./It’s the last day of school and Olie and the other kids can’t wait for the day to end and summer vacation to begin...all the kids except Screwy that is. He is ever more abusive than usual today much to the kids’ dismay and confusion. In the end the kids learn that Screwy is not looking forward to school ending because he has no friends to play with all summer.