There’s an unfamiliar face in Polieville and Zowie’s not too sure how she feels about this newcomer. Great Aunt Polieanna returns for a special visit. She’s loud colorful and quite the storyteller too! As Polieanna wows everyone with her space adventures Zowie slowly starts to warm up to her Great Aunt and realizes she has a pretty neat Aunt after all!/Olie and Screwy go to camp and become cosmobot cadets. They become so taken up in their newfound skills that practice time takes up best-est pal time with Billy. Feeling down and out Billy thinks he’s lost his friend but not for long. With a little help from cosmobot member Wheelie the whole gang joins together and make Billy the newest recruit./It’s a rockin’ boppin’ day in Polieland! Mom dad Bonita and Baxter Bevel are off to the Polieville Park to boogie the night away. The kids are very happy to know that their Uncle Giz will be babysitting. From motorcycle rides atop Giz and marching to the beat of instruments . . .Uncle Giz leads the kids through a whirlwind of song dance and nursery rhyme adventures.