Olie is once again responsible for the school fish. He brings it home for the weekend with the instruction list. He and Zowie play with it, feed it and clean its bowl. He is doing everything the teacher told him to do. But the fish doesn’t feel so good. After a lot of lovin’, the family is rewarded with a nice surprise when the next morning, they noticed that the fish has had six babies! / Olie’s eagerness to try out his new in-line skates leads the family on a wheely, whirly adventure through the house and yard. Everyone gets caught in Olie’s roller rage. A hockey stick and baby carriage help Olie to slowdown. If only Dad hadn’t adjusted the De-speederator the wrong way! / Olie and Zowie realize they do not have enough money to buy Mom a present for her birthday. They decide to open a lemonade stand to earn more washers and lugnuts. Sales are not very good. Mom is touched by the thought but all she really wants is to enjoy the lemonade, play music and dance with the family she loves.