Everyone is getting ready for the Polie parade. Mom’s choosing shoes. Zowie’s dressing Spot. Uncle Gizmo goes overboard getting the Polie family car, Coupy ready. After a test run leads Mom and Dad into the cosmos, Gizmo realizes he went too far and returns Coupy to her former self, adding a swell horn riff. It’s like Count Basie’s under the hood! A happy Polie family and a painted Polie pet drive off to join the parade. / It’s raining in Polieville. Pappy says the only way to make it stop, is to do a Sun Dance. Everyone takes a turn cutting the rug. Mr. Sunny returns and our dancing family happily Congo lines it outside! / Olie and Zowie are disappointed they can’t join Billy on his trip to the beach. Uncle Gizmo cheers them up with his own special version of a day at the beach. After doing their chores Mom and Dad join in the fun. Singing, dancing, surfing and a Rolie Polie Barbecue!