It’s Gooey Hearts Day in Pollieville and the ‘Looove Bug’ is out to get Olie and Billy. Only problem is they think girls are yucky. That is until they meet their new neighbour, Pollie Pi. You’ve never seen two bots act so goofy as they try to out do each other for Pollie’s attention…sometimes forgetting completely that Pollie is even there! / It’s the day of the big game and nothing seems to be in the right place at the right time. Mom has seven minutes to get the gang together, with all of their gear, and find the keys to Coupy. Seems impossible? Not for Mom. / The Polie Family is going out for dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant. Everyone is busy getting buffed, polished and generally ‘schmancied-up’. Even Olie is getting into it, until he sees the new suit that Mom’s pick out. Olie is afraid that Billy and Pollie are going to laugh at his ‘geeky’ look…until he sees what they have to wear. It seems the suit doesn’t make the bot.