It is the hottest day ever in Polieville! Eggs and bacon are actually frying on the sidewalk! Everyone is so hot they don’t know what to do. That is until Dad proclaims ‘If ya wanta be cool, ya gotta think cool!’ With a little creativity and hard work the Polie yard is turned into a veritable winter wonderland. Why, they’re all thinking so cool they’ve forgotten all about the heat. / Grown ups can be so weird. Olie and Pollie just can’t figure out why his Mom and Dad have so much fun working in the garden. Chores aren’t fun! Mom and Dad explain how satisfying it is to care for something and watch it grow. Olie and Pollie get to try this theory out for themselves when they encounter some very special buggies in the garden. / Davey Sprocket knows more about the wilderness than anybot! Olie and Pollie know this for sure, they watch his show on Telly every chance they get. But Dad has other ideas…he was quite the camper in his day, and he’s ready to show the young bots the ropes. It’s not as easy as he had first thought though, all kinds of mishaps occur. Not the least of which is Tenty getting the hiccups! Will they get any sleep at all?