Uncle Giz has come to visit Olie and Zowie only to find that they’d rather watch a movie on Telly than play with him. It’s just got to the good part…the bot in the movie just got amnesia! Giz is crushed. Has he lost his magic? Well, when he knocks his noggin and convinces Olie and Zowie that he has amnesia they try to help him remember what a great guy is his. Remember, follow the Giz. He’s where the action is! / The kids have to read “1001 Gearabian Nights” for homework. The whoooole book! Nobody is very excited about the thought of spending the weekend reading, that is until Olie, Billy and Pollie’s imaginations take them on a whirlwind of a magic carpet ride. Well, their imaginations, the Magnotron and a really great book! / There’s only one Telly in the Polie household and Olie and Zowie are at odds over who gets to watch their favourite show. Will Olie get to watch Space Boy or will Zowie get to watch the Cowbot show? Uncle Giz says they should flip a coin to decide…and Zowie wins. It takes a little time and little convincing but Olie realizes that playing Cowbot is almost as much fun as playing Space Boy, especially if it means spending time with Zowie!