With his doggy bed in the wash, Spot sets out to find another place to take a well-needed nap. However it’s cleaning day and no matter where Spot settles, something’s there to disturb him. He relocates a hundred times, and still no nap. He finally finds a sanctuary in Mom’s bowling ball bag, falling asleep and setting the stage for a big surprise at the bowling tournament. / Not wanting Zowie to intrude on their plans to stay up late and watch monster movies on TV, Olie and Billy try various ways to scare her off. However it ends up being little Zowie who scares the big boys, Olie and Bily, earning their approval to stay up and watch the scary movies with them. / When Olie and Zowie bring home a new pet fish, Spot tries everything in his power to compete for their attention. Unfortunately the kids are too preoccupied with the fish and, feeling he’s no longer wanted, Spot leaves home. Too late, Olie and Zowie realize what has happened and fear they’ve lost their beloved Spot for good. After a quick search, they find Spot moping in the backyard and almost smother him with attention and affection, reaffirming to one and all that Spot is the Top Dog.