Michael Long, an ex-Vietnam veteran and undercover cop, is seriously injured while trying to arrest a circle of industrial saboteurs. His partner, Lonnie, has been murdered, and Michael has been left for dead. But his life is saved by the immediate and exclusive medical attention that the dying millionaire/inventor Wilton Knight has provided. Wilton has hired the country's best plastic surgeon to reconstruct a face for Michael - but not his own. Wilton arranges for a new identity - Michael Knight - to carry on his fight for justice after Wilton dies. Meanwhile, in the Knight Enterprises laboratories, scientists are working around the clock to prepare a sensitive, computerized, and indestructible car for the new Michael. The car is called the Knight-2000 and its speaking computer, K.I.T.T., is in tune with a sensor that has been implanted into Michael Knight's brain. Three months later, fully recovered and a "new man," Michael now seeks revenge for Lonnie's death, and justice for the corporations hit by the saboteurs. He catches up with Tanya, the gang's leader, in the wealthy Silicon Valley. Tanya has already infiltrated a large microchip company, Cal Tron, with a scheme to steal the company's top-secret plans for a breakthrough microchip. Michael Knight sets out to stop her permanently and place her in the hands of the law.