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Released: 2015-09-11
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Version 6.0.20
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Version 6.0.20
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Released: 2015-09-11
Copyright © 2018 Aeroport Taxi & Limousine Service

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Aeroport Taxi & Limousine is a leading provider of Airport Taxi and Limo services in the Greater Toronto Area. Dedicated to servicing Toronto's Pearson International Airport since 1968. We are pleased to offer our valued clients the very latest in smartphone booking technology with our free app.
Key Features of the application include:
• Book a reservation in as few as 2 clicks
• Instantly Receive Discounted Flat Rates Up To 15% Off Regulated Rates
• Watch Your Vehicle Drive To You
• Ability to pre-pay by Credit Card within the app
• Create a list of favorite addresses
Quick and Easy sign-up process takes less then 30 seconds, no credit card required:
• Account creation only requires Email, Name, Phone # and Password
• Enter your pickup address and select which airport and your on your way.
• Reservations can be immediate or for a future time/date.
On booking a reservation, you will immediately receive a confirmation number, along with an update when your vehicle has been assigned. From here you can monitor the progress of your vehicle as it moves towards your pickup location.
The Aeroport Taxi application retains a history of your previous reservations (up to 30 days) for expense management and to quickly rebook the same trip with the push of a button. You may also create a list of favorite locations (Home, Work, etc.) to speed the booking process.
At Aeroport Taxi your comfort and safety are our top priorities! Let us know how we can serve you better by providing feedback via the application or by calling 1-800-465-3434.
We service all of southern Ontario the following cities:
Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Ajax, Whitby
We look forward to adding many exciting new features to the Aeroport Taxi application in the months ahead, and are always interested in what you have to say!

What's New in Version 6.0.20

Fixed bug where the fare estimate would not appear



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Ratings & Reviews

2.5 of 5 (77 Ratings)

App Store: Customer Reviews


Just doesn’t work

How can u get business when you can’t even register. Not through fb not direct. You need to call. If you call then what’s the use of the app. Fix the bug or Uber win.
Version 5.5.56

Love it !

I travel a lot and this app has been such a time saver. Thank you for providing this as a service.
Version 5.5.56

Needs a lot of work

The concept is there but the app is very buggy. Here are the things I hope they improve:
1. Sometimes when you log in you get stuck in a loop (says you must set a destination even after you did) and you can’t book a car. Closing the app and starting again sometimes works.
2. You can’t change between 2 saved credit cards (ie personal and business) unless you set the other one to default. If you try and change cards, it goes to an edit screen for the card and always says there’s missing fields.
3. Sometimes when you book a car for a future date/time, it doesn’t give you a confirmation and says ‘looking for available drivers’ which doesn’t make sense. Last time this happened a car was never booked for me.
Basically, you shouldn’t use this app which is a shame because it is very convenient on the rare occasion it works. Please fix this app as I’m sure you’re losing business from people wanting a convenient way to book a car. Unless you want to keep losing to Uber!
Version 5.5.56

App is useless

Just use the web browser instead to book. You can’t register, can’t login and can’t login with Facebook. Wasted my time.
Version 5.5.56

Absolutely useless

This app is so bad, I have decided to take a regular taxi instead.
Version 5.5.56


Reasonable fare, excellent sevice
Professional drivers nice and clean uniform
Always on time , never late no any complain at all
I recommend to everyone to use this sevice
I thanks to Aeroport taxi & limousine company and keep it up
Version 5.5.56


This is a very nice and easy to use app, thx Aeroport for the nice and professional app.
Version 5.5.56

This app just does not work

Goes round in a never-ending loop, telling me I must specify a destination. Have input the destination five times (from a provided drop-down menu) and still the same message.
Andrew Horberry
Version 5.5.56

car 93

super good & safe driver !
Version 5.5.56

Works Well

Good drivers and rates
Version 5.5.56

Not reliable

Impossible to login either with my email address or my phone number I guess I go back to Uber
Version 5.5.56

Can’t sign in. Good service but bad app.

Error says I have to sign in through Facebook and it doesn’t work. Email reset password will not work and phone number is associated with the email. #frustrated
Version 5.5.32

Horrible-impossible to trust

After 1 yrs use. This app is incredibly unreliable crushing nine times out of 10. When it crashes it doesn’t shut down, it simply disappears from the screen, which means it continues to drain power and perhaps even bandwidth. It simply cannot be trusted for anything, to book, to pay, to respond in a timely manner, or to communicate with the firm.
Version 5.5.32


Car was 10 mins late, tried calling in to see where driver was and left on hold for 10 mins. Gave up and ordered an Uber
Version 5.5.32

Can’t sign in

Haven’t been able to use the app for months. Facebook sign in does not work. Trying to sign in with email does not work. Trying to register a new account says phone number is associated with Facebook login - which does not work. Support is unable to help.
Darryl Pierce
Version 5.5.27

Worst app ever

Every time I go to book, Aeroport says “try our app”. They even have this in the message when they text you. YOUR APP SUCKS & IS UNRELIABLE. It crashes whenever I go to enter notes to my driver. After 2 restarts, I get super annoyed & end up calling directly anyways, even though the app is supposed to work and apparently save me 15% (which they never honour when I call them). Beyond frustrating. Redevelop your app OR quit advertising it.
Version 5.5.9

The app is terrible

This app is badly in need of improvement. Once an order is unfolding (during the ride) one can not get any other info, or make another order or review history. The screen is frozen during the ride .... this is awful. Cancelling is another painful activity; one is never sure if it went through or not. Calling was necessary. We strongly suggest you dedicate some resources to make this app work properly; otherwise the Ubers and Lyfts out there will continue getting more business.
Version 5.5.9

Worst transportation app in history

This is such junk Apple needs to recite it. It’s not updated and won’t load and when it did you can’t navigate out of the app. Also tip doesn’t show so I can’t expense the tip.
Version 5.5.9

Good service , good app

Reasonable prices, app is fairly easy to use
Version 5.5.9


This is the WORST app ever created. I’ve been stood up by the app 3 times now and I’m done with it. Just lost a customer to inferior technology. My business now goes to Airline limo since theirs actually works.
Version 3.19.42

Does not work

Sign up does not work at all. Booking my rides elsewhere
Version 3.19.42

Don’t waste your time

Can’t get to sign up successfully. When it confirms your email and password and you go to login it says you are not registered but you can re register because it says you are registered. Company needs to sort out their website...anyway on to another airport service for me
Version 3.19.34

Good Rates & Service

App is really helpful can easily book, gives flat rate and I can see my car come to me on the map.
S Gomes.
Version 3.19.34

Never actually convenient

Do you like pre-paying for a ride, and then having the driver mistakenly argue with you that the payment didn’t go through and asking you to pay a second time? Every time? If you like spending as much time on the phone sorting out payment issues as you spend driving to the airport then this app is for you.
Version 3.19.15

Receipt does not include the tip

Receipt does not include the tip
Version 3.17.830

Is there a 0 star rating?

This is a disgrace of an app! You switch to message to get the verification code and this app reset, so there is no way of getting validated. Is it just a advertising scam for aeroport to say we have an app?! Time to allow company like uber into YYZ!
Version 3.17.739

What app?

The application has a long way to go before it’s going to be a half decent experience. Once you are picked up you can’t leave thy screen to look at anything else, like history for example. When you are at the airport, it says it’s processing your request for a pick up but it’s not. There’s no automated assignment of driver nor can drivers accept the request. Today I was even told that unless I call in then the driver doesn’t get assigned .... so tell me again what the app is for if I still need to call in? The time it will take for driver to arrive is never accurate. Today once I called in to get a car assigned, the app said the car was 8 minutes away then 10, then 9, then the car was there with the app still saying 9 minutes away. Lastly the app says Car 54 is picking me up but the agent says it’s 40. The cab has both numbers but 40 is displayed more prominently so easier to see, so if you want me to look for 40 then say 40 on the app.
Version 3.17.739

Terrible Sign-Up Process

Lets start with how awful the signup process was. When you leave the app to get your SMS activation code and return to enter it, I had to start from the very beginning and get yet another code. It was a torturous cycle. Absolutely terrible.
Can I give this app zero stars?
Version 3.17.739

This app doesn't work

Signed up with Facebook and then this bogus app asks me to sign in with every attempt to book a car. Deleting and looking for something else. This app has the shortest life on my iPhone 😂
Version 3.17.611

Do Not Rely On This App

I have used this app twice, and both times i had to call after to have a car come. The estimates for booking are all incorrect. It said a car would be available in 10 mins and when I booked it "waited for driver to be assigned" for 15 mins. When I called they said they had to dispatch a car from the airport and it would be over 40 minutes. Incidentally the customer service when you call is also very poor. Be very careful if you're relying on this app.
Version 3.5.18

Great app, fast and timely service

Reasonable fare. Not better than uber but better than other taxi services in the area. Taxi was clean and driver was professional. I will use this service again.
Version 3.2.28

Good Service

The app is easy to use, could even track my car coming to me the morning of my trip. Driver was good too, helped with my bags.
Version 3.2.28

Not great for airport pickup

Works great for requesting a car at home. Both times I tried to use it at the airport and I was waiting outside it told me taxis were 2 minutes away and had to call both times after waiting over 10 minutes.
Version 3.2.28

Some Functionality Not Working

Booking on the app was no issue, but I am unable to add credit card information, or track my driver for an assigned and enjoy route job.
Version 3.1.36